Monster letters ABC

Monster letters

This alphabet has come alive! Color these wacky letters with your little monster as he learns his ABCs.

alphabet monsters

Pipecleaner letters

Love these letter characters!

Shape monsters---can incorporate shapes, vertices and adjectives all in one. Have the kids create their shape monster then describe it using math vocabulary and afjectives

Letters made out of Legos

ABC Flip Book for little ones learning the alphabet! So cute and tactile! Sallie- Let's make these!!!

Drawing Monsters With Letters 2

How to make monsters from tissue boxes, from Giggles Galore

***FREE*** This is a set of large upper case letters with a Frogs theme. Use to make matching and recognition games. Large enough for bulletin board and room décor.

Color the Animal Alphabet, one for every letter

Magic Letter Painting Alphabet

tribal masks with paper plates

BLISSFUL ROOTS: Love! Make your own Alphabet tree using scrapbook paper. Could use to put letters on once they are mastered

This is perfect and fun for creating your own imaginary monsters and kid friendly monsters for story time the month of October! Using felt, kids can create their own stories

Fun Learning With Lego Games

Green Monsters: using purple, green and blue we "squash painted" and then added the other features with paper. We really loved this project...

Montessori Alphabet Object Set in Storage Case - Beginning Letter Sounds - Alphabet miniatures to use with movable alphabet

Miniature Amazon River Basin in a cardboard box. So cute and FUN! #amazon #handson #homeschool