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Because glitter can solve most problems: How to glitter everything! (without it falling off!)

How to: GLITTER… Everything! (without it falling off) Where has this been ALL my life? How to: GLITTER… Everything! (without it falling off) Where has this been ALL my life?

bailarinas con purpurina. :)

Make Your Own Glitter Flats

DIY: glitter flats Glue on shoe and then sprinkle glitter all over . Shake shoe and let excess glitter go in the garbage

how to glitter without it falling off

DIY Glitter Letters {Mod Podge}

How to modge podge glitter that won't fall ~ liberaly Mod Podge over wood. Pour glitter over. Sit for about 15 minutes and then dip sideways to get rid of excess glitter. Spray Krylon UV-Resistant Clear Acrylic Coating over entire piece.

Double Layered No-Sew "Braided" Fleece Blanket - Tutorial - Less bulk and no knots to lay upon. The fringe strips have a slit added to make a loop. Then that is what is pulled thru the next loop. It reminds me of the finished edge of the kids' woven potholders made on the square loom.

Art Double Layered No-Sew Braided Fleece Blanket Tutorial diy-craft-projects

Glitter anything using Modge Podge and this easy technique!

Glitter... Everything!

Glitter, Modge Podge, Ideas, Super Easy and Fun, you can glitter anything.

store your glitter in clear salt and pepper shakers. genius. Goodwill always has tons

glitter in salt shakers. how smart is that? I have taken all of my glitter and placed each of them into clear glass salt and pepper shakers. I've placed all of the shakers onto a lovely silver platter.

Craft Adhesives & what they work best on..

Ever wonder which craft adhesive will work best for the project you have in mind? Never fear! Katie at Lemon Jitters will walk you through the basics of 8 common adhesives so you’ll know what to reach for next time you’re in a sticky situation.

Dinnerware turned in to makeup brush and jewelry holder DIY from DESIGNS BY STUDIO C for landeelu dot com roundup

Teen Girl Bedroom DIY Projects

DIY Glitterized Phone Charger by Love Feast Table for landeelu dot com roundup

Mod Podge over lace on any container

Mod Podge and Lace - ah the possibilities! Mod Podge lace onto container - this creates such a gorgeous texture! Think of how you could then spray paint these different colors. LOVE this idea!