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Jane Fonda en Klute (1971)

The most perfect early Seventies wardrobe of all time, Fonda in Klute.

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Cat Ballou - Jane Fonda - nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress.

Jane Fonda in ‘Klute’, 1971.

Jane Fonda in 'Klute', 1971 - Costume designer, Ann Roth created early styles to perfection. And Jane Fonda's 'shag' haircut sent hairstylists reeling with requests for this 'new look'.

Jodie Foster and Robert De Niro on the set of Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver, 1976

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“Jodie Foster and Robert De Niro on the set of Taxi Driver, 1976 ” The woman with them on the far left is Billie Perkins, an actual prostitute who consulted Foster on her role.

How old is she?? Noooooo way!!!!!!!!!!!  «Я решила, что буду выглядеть так, как я себя чувствую», - говорит Джейн Фонда. И это замечательное жизненное кредо. Находясь в прекрасной форме, она может дать фору некоторым юным дарованиям не только по части актерского мастерства и умения следить за собой, но и в отношении чувства стиля. Дымчато-бежевый ансамбль, который она выбрала для прогулок по Нью-Йорку, выглядит исключительно современно: горчичные леггинсы, замшевые ботфорты и простой жакет в…

Примерьте звездный образ: Джейн Фонда

December Jane Fonda looked nowhere near her 73 years as she went out to lunch wearing leggings and thigh-high boots.

Jane Fonda - I love this entire style! #denim #fashion #style

Jane Fonda flaunting a fabulous grocery shopping look: denim shirt with jeans.

always classic -Gainsbourg/birkin

Jane Birkin with Serge Gainsbourg, wearing a wool pea coat over a mini dress with flats and a wicker basket - a look which brings to mind Alexa Chung today.Celebrity with a basket and basket Basket

Bell bottoms and halter tops. What could be better for summer? Why a few hippie…                                                                                                                                                     More

Outfitted: 70's Summertime

Throughout the black community bell bottoms and halter tops became the new trend. They expressed themselves through the size of their hair. While people made fun of how their hair look, they embraced their style.

60s, the contrast between generations, you can just see her thinking I won't be allowed outside wearing that LOL

Henri Cartier Breton - in Paris, the mini skirt had arrived - not to everyones approval. Inspiration for our Monochrome Twist shoot in the June 16 issue.