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This is like on of the first Larry edits I ever saw, it has a special place in my heart

oh my gosh this is so funny ahahahahhahaahaaha poor kevin


Young hitmakers One Direction arrive in to offer a live concert in and their fans cannot wait to sing and dance to the hits from their albums Up All Night, Take Me Home. Get your tickets here

But like I don't understand why Louis was cropped out of this photo -E


Niall's face when someone says he's not in Niall: Well okay then Bi**h.

"Niall, what's your favorite word for boobs?" "Erm... [much ruckus by the other boys] chicken fillets."

My life! Even worse when you're in a public place and random people seriously question your sanity.

So he freaks out when somebody asks him what his favorite dessert was and then when somebody is in labor he just sits there? Lol!!

haha Niall is zoo funny. lol just started laughing so hard!

I think he's saying that to the Directioners in Sweden because they flash the most. Who in their right mind would flash One direction. Wait...... I take that back I would probably.... now that I know what I want to say I am going to shut up.

I just thought of that's so raven when I seem this!

#Imagine Niall tweeting "Just about getting ready to see my princess walk down the isle!"

Funny pictures about Why drama doesn't affect me. Oh, and cool pics about Why drama doesn't affect me. Also, Why drama doesn't affect me.