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    My favorite: "Is it better to be single or married?" and the winning answer from Anita, age 9, "It's better for girls to be single but not for boys. Boys need someone to clean up after them."

    "ATTORNEY: How old is your youngest son, the 20 year old? WITNESS: 20, much like your IQ." These are hilarious! Click through to read.

    27 reasons why kids are the worst - i almost peed my pants

    This will be my child... And I shall be proud.

    I love this kid

    And people ask me why I don't want kids...

    Haha, that's funny!

    This is hilarious

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    I cried I was laughing so hard! Omg this guy must have practiced this so many times! ...and he's hot!

    BAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!!!! This just made my day!!!

    12 Examples of Parenting Done Right

    Pretty much true...

    27 Reasons why kids are actually the worst... so funny! Don't take this serious - it's just funny

    This sign: | The 31 Most Sarcastic Things That Ever Happened... I was lol'ing so hard!

    Wow, I feel better about myself

    Some of these are hilarious... 1. Since they didn't happen while I was teaching and 2. See number 1. :-D

    In detail.

    this is so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!