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Somali refugee children: "although war is traumatizing for refugee children, many are quite resilient."

A Laotian refugee child at the Ban Nam Yao camp, Nan Province, Thailand. There are 2 camps in Nan: Sobtuang camp (10,427 refugees) and Ban Nam Yao camp (13,366 refugees). Living in these camps are refugees from Laos who have fled to Thailand since 1975. These Laotian refugees are from 5 major tribes: Hmong (or Meo), Yao , Phai (or Thin), Lao, and Khmu. Photo ID 101360. 01/07/1979. Thailand. UN Photo/John Isaac.

A Cambodian refugee with her child at the Ban Mai Rut refugee camp near Klong Yai, Thailand. There are about 5,200 refugees in this camp which has a permanent wooden structure and several new ones made of bamboo poles and thatched roofs and walls.

Dakhla (الداخلة)

Western Sahara Refugees | A child in Dakhla Refugee Camp, 23/Jun/2003. Algeria. UN Photo/Evan Schneider, United Nations Photo