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I love this, cause' her expression its like Harry just said "Oh, hi future wife, you look wonderful today, i love you ❤

Molly could have easily said, "Fred and George had it last." And it would have meant much the same thing. - I just love Ginny's face lmao

O my gosh!!!!!!!! This is the best ever!!! It looks like it's from a pixar short.

Were Harry Potter Film Creators Hit by Forgetfulness Charms? These 10 Fan Art Pieces Depict What Was Left Out of the Films

Potterheads Pack Your Bags, First Look At The Wizarding World of Harry Potter At Los Angeles

First Look At The Wizarding World of Harry Potter At Los Angeles

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SO FUNNY! but for real though a Slytherin would ROCK that dress! Maybe the Slytherin Prefect?

Haha guys it was once.

I love how Ron looks like he's trying really hard not to laugh or be impressed, because dang it Harry, this is serious!

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This picture just made me so sad :( I'm listening to Forever Young and then see this picture so I'm about to cry. The Weasley brothers, Harry Potter, movie, photo

Draco's Secret Hobby by CaptBexx on deviantART

Draco's Secret Hobby by CaptBexx :D I figured since he is good in potions, he might (SECRETLY, because it's probably embarrassing for him ;P) enjoy cooking and baking, too.

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This isn't Twilight, Ron even though I have not read the Harry Potter books I still find it funny!

Things That Aren t OK: Remus Lupin

Harry Potter - Remus Lupin's Life (by tomperwomper) (Best Movies True Stories)

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Lucius: narcissa, where's my Super suit? Besides, tonight is date night Lucius: woman! Where's my SUPERSUIT?

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I thought I was the only one who was madly in love with Draco 😍 Tom Felton is my celebrity crush