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I'm allergic to cats and dislike them but I have to say this is a cute picture of one.

Arrrrr Jim Lad [ pirate accent?? ] maybe its just me, but when done with genuine West Country accent, accepted worldwide as a Pirates accent, and a squint in one eye to mimic an eye patch, the pic of the kitten is a spitting image of a Pirates cat. Again, its probably me..... LOL

reminds me of the black cat in the French Bistro Chat Noir poster...

every time i look at this, i can't help but make a 'meow' sound - which really enhances the photographic experience i must say - and then i have a good laugh.

So that's why Sylvester and Cleo attacked! LOL

"This is Farm Sanctuary’s new rescued piglet, Eric. I can’t. ERIC IS A PIG HUGGING ANOTHER PIG. I am giving Farm Sanctuary everything I have. This is why I’m vegan. This pig is so spiritually rich, I love him so much. I can’t even form sentences right now."