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i just called to say i love you

skype dates! Just got done with my skype date with my Marine!

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You have no idea baby I miss having you hold me after a log hard day and I know you miss the same when you had a hard day 😔

It definitely does not, as much as you want it to so they don't miss all those moments that you wish they could be a part of...

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Every time

you know you're in love with someone in the military when you feel instantly connected to that stranger with the military bumper sticker.I am guilty of this.

Military moments

We call them deployment babies ;


Bahaha maybe not make-up but I am guilty of jumping up in the middle of the night and fixing my hair bc he gets a few min of face time

military relationships: not the fairy tale life but the fairy tale love.

haha funny i just found this because yesterday i told joe that he is my fairy tale love lol

So true!!!  I got so excited the other day when I saw him pop up on Skype until I realized I just started the computer upstairs that he was still signed on to....  :(

my soldier xx

I remember sharing this moment with my sweetheart at his family get together :)

Merchant marine

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So true especially when it happened twice in one day through deployment!! Haha

My Army wife friends would agree.


Yep, that's deployment life

pda is against the rules while in uniform (yes, even holding hands), but the part about shaking his hand is true.

Another Military Moment

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God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

Military Moments

Yep got a 30 minute phone call early this morning. He's not doin to good on this deployment and even though im mad as hell at him I'll always be here for him