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    Roots by Becky Grimer. Pine tree roots create the figure's base, head piece and are found in the body detail.

    Bronze Statuette of a Kore, Etruscan, c. last quarter of the 6th century BC

    Deer Sculpture One of the two scultpures of a deer being attacked by dogs in the garden of the Casa dei Cervi in Herculaneum. The Casa dei Cervi (House of the Deer or House of the Stags) is the grandest of the mansions so far excavated in Herculaneum. Its two storeys contain numerous frescoes and used to look out over the sea front.


    ca. 150–100 BCE. Aphrodite in the process of undressing for a bath. Based on Praxiteles' 4th C. BCE over-life-size marble 'Aphrodite of Knidos.' Greek. Bronze. 20 3/8"

    Horse sculptures from the roof of the Great Altar of Pergamon. Now in the Pergamon Museum, Berlin. Marble and made in the second century BC.

    Klimt. Sappho

    Venus figurines

    Valle dei Templi , Agrigento - Sicilia 2011


    Horse heads, Chauvet Cave. Fourteen different animal species are depicted in the Chauvet Cave. Here, three beautiful horses' heads face one another.


    Atenea Varvakeion (s. II d.C). Museo Nacional de Atenas. Arte griego.

    Ancient | Greek sculpture.

    Incredible Statue: "The #bronze #Boxer of Quirinal, also known as the Terme Boxer, is a Hellenistic Greek sculpture dated around 330 B.C. of a sitting boxer with Caestus, a type of leather hand-wrap, in the collection of the National Museum of #Rome" More:

    Statue of Cupid and Psyche Sculpture From a Greek original of the 2nd century BC Marble

    Ancient Roman sculpture of Marcus Aurelius, 161-180 AD, currently located at the Louvre, France.

    Head of Diana , goddess of hunting and the moon , Delphi Museum