Seersucker. Way to go, little guy.

Stripe Seersucker Suit

Pink and Green Beau...he'll either hate me or thank me later!

One can never start wearing bow ties too early.

A classic seersucker blazer is a great look for any spring holiday or summer fete. Baby CZ by Caroline Zapf.

He's precious



Totally getting this haircut for my son!

Sweet Bow Swaddle Blanket, dying of a cuteness over load #TSM @Paula Stange Please @Paula Stange sugar Can you imagine this with "Legacy" embroidered on the bow? I'd die.

J&K are wearing bowties for Easter this year and I cannot cannot cannot wait.

My future kids minus that hideous bow.....why do parents put those big bows in the poor kids hair....ugh

Look! My future children!


little I'd love for my baby boy to have big brown eyes and golden blonde hair #lovely kid|


Lil' swag

this will be my future child. so stinkin cute!! (after my future perfect wedding to my future perfect husband and our future perfect home and our future perfect life........Bahaha)

Sir Little Man with Style

ARE YOU SERIOUS??? And people wonder why their kids are pregnant at 16??!!!??

my future son will wear this exact outfit including the chucks