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"Back in my day we didn't have Zima or pissed off birds or any of that crap. I swam upstream, both ways, just to go to work for nine hours. Now the youth just sit at home and blog about how hard they got it. Only hard thing about living in this day and age is sitting through five minutes of that garbage they call music. 'Grandpa, have you heard the new Lady Goggles song?' 'Grandpa, do you like Nancy Minaj?' It's all just noise. Horrible noise."

Great White Shark - get a book from the library and spend time during your drives to the beach having one kid read from it and everyone talking about ocean life. Sharks are a thrill for most kids:-) and it's a low key way to have some learning.

from The Gilded Rage

rocktopussy: everydaysharks: Gorgeous photo of... - thegildedrage

rocktopussy: “ everydaysharks: “ Gorgeous photo of a Great White Shark breaking the surface. By @Mikecoots on Instagram. Link: ” HEY YOU GUYS ”