Jello shots. Peach Jello and pink moscato champagne! Delicious!

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This is a smart way to do jello shots, not that I've ever made jello shots, but I like the idea of avoided the little cups & playing with the recipe.

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The best Jello shots ever!

Kinky Malibu Barbie Jello Shots! 1 box Peach Jello dissolved in 1 cup boiling water + 1/2 cup Kinky Liqueur + 1/2 cup Malibu. Jellinate. Chill. Serve. :)

21 Fun Jello Shots : ~BASIC JELLO SHOT 1 Cup boiling water ½ Cup vodka ½ Cup flavored liquor/ schnapps/ pucker 1 Small box jello (3 oz.)

Jello shots!! ...

every jello shot recipe you can imagine

Jello shots, and only jello shots

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pink lemonade jello shots! Do this at Christmas with limes and cherry Jell-O shots for the Christmas colors.

Margarita jello shots!

espresso vodka, espresso & bailey jello shot.

Orange Creamsicle Jello Shots

King Cake Shots....ohh yess.

Jello Shots. This site has alot of GREAT recipes for Jello Shots :)

Birthday Cake Jello Shots

Shots anyone lol ;)