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A snake with a foot was found in China. Dean Qiongxiu found a snake with a "claw" or a "foot" crawling around on the floor. Naturally, upon seeing such an unusual specimen she beat it to death with her shoe, and kept the snake preserved in a bottle of alcohol.

| Video Burglar. This sea creature was found in California. No one is able to say what it is but it looks like a dragon. So much is still unknown about the ocean.:

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Pythons eating everything. | 37 Pictures That Prove Australia Is The Craziest


Giant anaconda in the Amazon river…

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Elephant Campfire, Africa

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Tarantula Albina. Não é uma gracinha?! Parece de pelúcia!! A gente aqui da Aninseto queria pegar pra criar de tão apaixonados que ficamos!! by Aninseto Dedetizadora


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Creepy Little Girl Diary… My board is called 'It Made Me LOL' but this is soooo damn creepy idk where to post it to.