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Nikki Haley "Women don't care about contraception"

Who gives a crap what Jesus said about anything? This kind of stupid Jesus said X about Y! presupposes that it should matter to a rational person what Jesus thought. It assumes that he's an authority on anything ethically speaking. Oh, and Fuck John Fugelsang.

Unpatriotic Republicans have turned their backs on our Veterans!!


The building at the standoff location is a closed gift shop. Tea party members are upset that it was closed as they expected to cash their disability checks. Standoff may last only until beginning of next month due to lack of funds and candy bars.

Funny but true politics

Voters Do Not! I repeat...Do Not let either of these fools get into the White House...

Just when you thought Bill Gates couldn't get more awesome!

Yes...though, is she pretty? Really?

Wallpapered stairs - actually...i hate this wallpaper, but i love the idea of a quick decor idea for the stairs.

This is a great letter about how we love violence away..

pink gingerbread house ~ Martha's Vineyard-I always dreamed of living in a pink house when I was little-this is that house.

Colores pastel vajilla. http://allemaalkleurtjes.blogspot.com