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Baby Animals- Who says different animals can't be pals? This photo of a bunny, mouse, kitten, and puppy is too much to handle! #JungleJim #BabyAnimals #puppy #kitten #babybunny #babymouse #adorable

#cute #kitten #funny #cats This looks a little like the kitten we brought home this weekend. Only slightly bigger.



If animals can grow and learn with another, despite differences in appearance, then why can't humans do it?: True Friendship, Unexpected Friendship, Best Friends, Sweet, Odd Animal Couple, Odd Couple, Unlikely Animal Friend, Animal Friendships, Odd An

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Ok, I think it's a sign I am a crazy cat lady if this makes my heart happy haha

Little girl. Kitten. Sweet. (I just thought this picture was stinking adorable!!!)

19 February 2010: My best friend and my sister from another mister Gabriella Giovanna Alessandri. She has always been my best friend since the day we were born. I don't know what I would do without my best friend. She has always been there for me no matter what and we have so many memories and secrets that it would take more than a lifetime to remember all of them. I love her so much.

May Jehovah reward the way you act and may there come to be a perfect wage for you from Jehovah the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to seek refuge. Ruth 2:12 CANADA GOOSE !!! just need $117 !!!!!!

Sweet Little Owl #wild #animal #forest #meadow #woodland #cute #outdoors #wilderness #creatures #owl

If I wasn't a Boston mom, I would be all about having a Frenchie! Lil Hoot's French Bulldogs, George and LooLoo.

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FUN FACT: WHY ARE FLAMINGOES PINK? Flamingoes take their pink colour from their favorite food - shrimps! If these leggy birds don't get enough shrimps to eat, they turn a dull grey.

animal love <3

animal love <3

Animals’ love

animal love <3

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16 Incredibly Happy Stingrays

What? I have spinach on my teeth?!~<3~