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Too cute not to pin :)

They all taste the same...

Actually, they'd probably like blue ones. Dogs can only see blue, everything else is gray. So yeah, they'd probably like the blue ones since they were the only ones with color.

Demetri Martin... hadn't heard of him til now... dying.

Demetri Martin: One of my all-time favorite comedians<<< I don't know who he is but he sound like a funny guy


Paul Cole in the Greatest photobomb ever.this man is so cute ( The Beatles Abbey road )


Get the London Look. the girl in the commercial does have quite the gap in her teeth lol

Baking dog

Baking dog

Funny pictures about My neighbor's dog is special. Oh, and cool pics about My neighbor's dog is special. Also, My neighbor's dog is special.

me and my siblings, that's how we smile, so that's why we  don't smile in pictures or we look like we are in pain.

Funny pictures about Say cheese! Ok maybe not. Oh, and cool pics about Say cheese! Ok maybe not. Also, Say cheese! Ok maybe not.

I feel this way EVERY time I go through security. I feel their eyes burning a hole in me as I tried fruitlessly to untie my shoes faster.

So true. I freaking HATE airport security. Flying isn't bad, but security sucks.

The derp fish ava. the derp fish. Whats your email btw? DeMars its Keegan :P

Apparently there are some people who don't love Schmidt as much as we do! That face is just great

Celebrate Me

Can we just take a minute to celebrate me? Everyone deserves a celebration designated to their awesomeness! This is a good life lesson from our beloved Schmidt.