Some of the best, simple things in life. Exceptions: change first kisses to random kisses on the forehead and singing in the bathroom to singing in the car :)

20 Life pleasures that are completely underrated

Omg.... This is so pathetic but so true ... The thing that stinks is when it's true love you can't get over him.. He's always going to be in your heart... True love that once in a lifetime love if your lucky ...

understand all of this, please

Love cute!

The truth. It's just sad when only one person feels that way, while the other just takes advantage of that fact.


How to have a lovely day


So true

they have no freakin clue

Life . . .


a good reminder

So true!

the little things :)

true shit right therrr^

A man in love. seriously the cutest thing

Nicholas Sparks