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April 2013 - Challenge Magazine

Good motto to live by. #challengemagazine

I was dubious about him until I shook his hand. Then I "knew." I knew he was going to be the next President. I knew he was going to bring changes. He did warn us we would be met with opposition and he was right, but I am not blind; I see what he's done and tried to do, and I know what he's up against. That's why I support him. And why I will vote for him again, in November.

In 2012, Harry Reid mentioned that one of Mitt Romney’s old partners reported that the Mittster hadn’t paid any taxes in a decade. Romney became so incensed that, in just a few weeks of effort, he released returns to prove it wasn't true. Romney...


Sen. Lee to endorse Romney

Sen. Lee to endorse Romney, a Tea Party favourite moving behind the inevitable.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R), running as Mitt Romney's 2012 VP, said in his Wisconsin rally on 8/13/12, that his veins contain: Cheese, Brats and a little Wisconsin Beer. As you can see by this image, he follows the Wisconsin Food Pyramid. lol #politics #wi #usa

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Romney: U.S. troops reaching "breaking point"

Photo #56 #prezpix #prezpixmr 3/13/2012 Mitt Romney Getty Images/Win McNamee

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Carl Bernstein on Mitt Romney's Radicalism

Carl Bernstein on Mitt Romney's Radicalism. Pundits and voters persist in believing that Mitt Romney is a covert moderate. But as Carl Bernstein reports, it's far more likely he'll enact the Tea Party's far-right agenda.

Undenialable truth: like it or not... all who are running against Obama are fatally flawed candidates who have almost zero chance of winning.

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This Is How You Kill An Attack Ad

Calling out Mitt Romney and his big oil supporters. When the truth is spoken so clearly, it is clearly the truth.

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Mitt Romney Standing on Things

Romney’s gusto for standing on things allows him to show off a down-to-earth side of himself. It says, “Maybe I’m not the presidential contender you want to drink a beer with, but I’m not too rich to stand on your cooler.”

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R.I.P., Mitt Romney

R.I.P., Mitt Romney by Robert Shrum Nov 2, 2012 3:20 PM EDT Mitt made multiple mistakes that will lead to his defeat on Tuesday. Some of them date all the way back to 2008.