a white stocking with stuffing inside then covered in spiders....so freaky!!!

Spider Egg Sac How-To

Put a glow stick inside a water balloon and put the balloon in a stocking and hang it from a tree or ceiling.

Wow! Eyes in the bushes- put glow sticks in these at Halloween!

Dresses made from chicken wire and painted white to create ghosts on the lawn.. awesome!!!

crawling creature..... This is awesome and freaky. I so need to make something like this for my house. ;)

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Spider Pod Skulls

black & white Halloween mantle decor...use a black boa

Creeps me out but I might do this!

Halloween Decorations by _Lilian_

{Creepy} Witches Brew Halloween Party - love the dips in the little cauldrons

Nifty Thrifty & Thriving: Outdoor Halloween Decorations Not sure what my door way will look like but this would be super cute if I can do it.

WOW - Store bought sugar cookie dough, sliced almonds and cinnamon or cocoa powder...these are just creepy but kinda perfect for halloween haha

Halloween Decorating Ideas

Mummy Twinkie Pops - would like to try something else besides twinkie, but cute!

So cute for Halloween.

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