German solar power plants produced a world record 22 gigawatts of electricity per hour, equal to 20 nuclear power stations at full capacity. Solar power in the United States has been demonized as a "Left Wing conspiracy."

Solar Energy

it's time to change

Sunshine - a powerful and clean energy that's all around us. It's time for us to embrace it.

82 years after Edison said this, we are still dependent on oil rather than solar or wind power, or any other sustainable energy solution. Disappointing.

Go solar!

Your ignorance is their power.

"May the sun bring you new energy by day, may the moon softly restore you by night, may the rain wash away your worries, may the breeze blow new strength into your being, may you walk gently through the world and know its beauty all the days of your life." — Apache Blessing

Citizens United must go.


Let the rEVOLution commence!!

The first public lighting system that runs on solar and wind energy. Spain.

The $153M paid for advertising, that contributed virtually nothing to the economy, could have been spent on solar panels for a city.

Be the change

Since you can't go two minutes in this accursed election season without being bludgeoned over the head with a middle-class-themed talking point, I thought it would be a good idea to take a step back and provide a little perspective on what the political status quo seems to think the middle class is. The big picture might surprise and/or horrify you.


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Crappy People: Papa John


Did Solar Energy Sleep With The Government's Wife? ORIGINAL: By Dave at Found on by Ted McLaughlin .

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