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    While Americans and Canadians fight to save the environment from the overuse of fossil fuels and the keystone pipeline, Germany achieved world record solar energy production. Leading by example!

    Solar Energy

    it's time to change

    82 years after Edison said this, we are still dependent on oil rather than solar or wind power, or any other sustainable energy solution. Disappointing.

    Go solar!

    The first public lighting system that runs on solar and wind energy. Spain.

    Time for America to play a bit of catch up.

    Be the change

    Faux News for Rightwing Nuts

    Did Solar Energy Sleep With The Government's Wife? ORIGINAL: By Dave at Found on by Ted McLaughlin .

    Key Players in the Climate Change Denial Industry

    The Wall Street Journal uses a false solar statistic to argue that government investment in clean energy was a bad bet.

    The Koch Brothers spend countless millions blocking green energy development, bought and paid for Republicans support it, and America falls behind the rest of the world !!!

    Solar Power Subsidies.....we can do this!

    Germany is producing 22 Gigawatts of solar power, equivalent to 20 nuclear power plants, at peak conditions. Even off-peak, it's still significant. It's meaningful enough that Germany is shutting down nuclear plants and reducing its dependency on oil.

    Have YOU made the switch? #GreenPlanet #SaveTheEarth #Renewable

    Solar expected to make up 40 percent of PG's renewable portfolio by 2020 - San Jose Mercury News

    Solar infographic sheds light on rapid solar growth

    Could the world be 100% solar? According to this #infographic, yes!