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War Elephants

Coming February 2017 - The Nightingale meets Water for Elephants in this powerful novel of friendship and sacrifice, set in a traveling circus during World War II, by international bestselling author Pam Jenoff. Seventeen-year-old Noa has been cast out in disgrace after becoming pregnant by a Nazi soldier during the occupation of her native Holland. Heartbroken over the loss of the baby she w ...

An Oliphaunt: Grey as a mouse/ Big as a house/ Nose like a snake/ I make the earth shake/ As I tramp through the grass/ Trees crack as I pass./ With horns in my mouth/ I walk in the South/ Flapping big ears./ Beyond count of years/ I stump round and round/ Never lie on the ground/ Not even to die./ Oliphaunt am I/ Biggest of all/ Huge, old, and tall./ If ever you'd met me/ You wouldn't forget me./ If you never do/ You won't think I'm true/ But old Oliphaunt am I/ And I never lie.

did you know? Elephants do forget, but it takes years. An elephant can remember its mother’s scent, the call of close female family members, relationships with humans, and migratory routes to food and water resources for decades at a time. Source :

Ms 22 F.26V Elephant Carrying a Howdah Full of Soldiers, from the Westminster Abbey Bestiary

Battle of Scarif Collection