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  • Shiloh Willey

    Fun Website of Fun Kid things to do

  • Laura Strelow

    November: 30 Days of Intentional Acts of Kindness with your Kids

  • Ashley Bryan

    I've never really liked the term random acts of kindness. I want whatever kindness I show to be out of the overflow of the Holy Spirit living withi

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Beautiful reminder of ways to practice kindness in daily life...this is mindfulness as we truly connect with others and show real care.

Toddler Approved!: 25 Acts of Kindness {as a mom} What is your favorite kind act to do for your kids?

Reading this made me think of Tobias in Divergent. When he told Tris about his tattoos.....

Learn simple ways you can spread kindness with your kids during the 100 Acts of Kindness Challenge.

10-fun-diy-for-kids could make baby doll tent with smaller dimensions

Teaching Children To Think Of Others: A Simple Random Act of Kindness. An idea would be to have a "giving fund" in which your kids help decide how to give away money - whether it is by buying a toy or donating to an organization.

30 Random Acts of Kindness in 30 Days. One of the most heartwarming ideas I've heard in a long time. Making a difference, one person at a time. love, love, love it ♥. As an aside, there is now solid scientific proof that there is equal, if not greater benefit to the doer of good deeds (those feel good neurotransmitters). What a difference we could make, if even just a few of us tried this for a few days......

▫◈▣◐◑‡➹ Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness ♥ Light Up the World ♥

Love this concept! Regardless of your birthday or being 30, people should take part in intentional acts of kindness.

random-acts-of-kindness-ideas: I think it would be interesting to try to achieve all these in a month.