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  • Samantha Foust

    Been on the bucket list as long as I can remember. Best thing I've done. Want to do it more than once again

  • Ashley Spiller

    bucket list: have CHILDREN

  • Joanna Koerner

    BUCKET LIST: Have a child. Or 3 or 4. Or how about a lot more :) i cant wait to be a mom! i hope i get the chance someday

  • Shelby Nichole

    Bucket List! Things I want to do before I die! #bucketlist

  • Mackenzie Ü

    bucket list: have a child..... This is close to number one(:

  • Cori Brothers 10 years. But eventually Yes, right now I'm going to spoil the hell out of my Nephew. lol

  • Amy Lutz Coltrin

    You dont know what love means or how sweet life is untill....

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learn to surf, but i am still scared of sharks...maybe i'll boogie board in the kiddy pool instead

A real one with all the fancy costumes, in a real magical setting. I also want our faces to be like, completely covered. Disney is so obvious, with their totally short masks! I want real masks! next birthday in 2012: I will write a letter to myself to open in 10 years. I will mail it, too!

I don't think I'll ever save up enough money for that with a teaching career...hopefully my kids will be rich...

Hang gliding in Rio!! For my avid hang glider pilot husband, he would love it!

Explore India - still want to fully do this. so many places still left to visit

Don't know if I will ever know that I accomplished this....BUT I can hope my daughter will tell me someday♥

This seems like a good old American thing to do... can you do this anymore? I don't even know...

bucket list: stand with one foot on one side of the equator and one on the other side.