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“Do I even want to know what happened?” | 22 Conversations Every Cat Owner Has Had With Their Pet

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In case of emergency, save our babies!!!

Only Natural Pet HeartWorm Protect Herbal Formula

Dr. Melissa Shelton talks about the benefits of using essential oils for dogs, cats, and other pets.

When it comes to car safety, many pet owners don’t consider taking special precautions with their furry friends. Keeping the creatures in your family should be top priority. So educate yourself on how to travel safely with pets before your next trip

Strange facts about cats [infographic] - Holy Kaw!

  • Judy Oshansky

    That is interesting that a cat can not see under its nose. I always thought my cats had bad eyesight, when I would hold out a treat in my hand, and they seemed to not see it. It's because it was right under their nose!

Dr. Becker offers some recommendations for dog owners interested in affordable titer testing for core canine diseases instead of re-vaccinations.

Indispensable for a pet owner's home library!

10 Canine Commandments - As a Veterinary Technician, I simply cannot express how strongly I feel about #10. Be there for your dog as they have always been there for you. The last set of eyes your loyal companion should look into are yours...not mine.

  • Nancy Sterling

    Aw gee, I MISS my Ozzie so much:(

  • Llatetra Esters

    Missing my dear Whitney.

  • Tina Wilson

    So sorry for all that goes through this and has feelings like we do. There are some people who loses their pet and it doesn't even bother them. Don't understand . I still cry over my loved one Ms. Paige. This will be the second Christmas without her and it really hurts. I lived Xmas with her. I loved her tearing her presents open. We had the best time. Everyone stay strong because you will see your baby again one day. All dogs go to heaven. Have a Merry Christmas.

  • Averly Lucian

    That is the most truest advice anyone can give I have tears rolling down my cheeks from reading this our pets especially our dogs are more than best friends mine is my everything and I know I am his that is why I'll never leave him alone

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