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monthly photos -- wish I had thought of this!!

Monthly baby picture ideas to document your baby's growth! A great collection of ideas for taking monthly baby photos!

Love the Petersik's baby photo project...check out all their photos at younghouselove.com

Pregnancy Photos

Take a weekly photo of baby on a different fabric background each week. Clara’s Weekly Photo Project

Yes addi n I are doing this at her 9 month @Lisa Phillips-Barton Phillips-Barton a Farme / Anne Tyler Anderson

Heidi Hope Photography, I would love to get my daughters picture in my wedding jewelry when I'm older.

If you're like most new parents, your smartphone is always within reach to photograph every smile, crawl, and feeding. But the most iconic photo ops take place once a month when your baby hits a new growth spurt. If you're documenting your kid's monthly "birthday," you're not limited to traditional numbered onesies — here are cute and clever ways to celebrate.

Creative Ways to Photograph Your Baby's First Year

The key is finding a frame large enough to accommodate your growing baby (Hit up your local thrift store or a garage sale). Add a coat of brightly-colored paint