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Brush Your Teeth Brush Your Chompers Print Cute Shark Art For Kid's Or Children's Bathroom Or Dental Office by thedreamygiraffe on Etsy

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Could be a really cool idea to expand marketing and your business.especially if you have a large base of children and teens!

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Why is patience a virtue? wombatarama Why is patience a virtue? Why is patience a virtue?

Crooked teeth could lead to speech impediments and a lack of confidence when talking. Straight teeth encourage clearer speech patterns and more confidence in your smile. Learn more in this infographic from an orthodontist in Kansas City.

10 Benefits of Straight Teeth Crooked teeth make it more difficult to chew food, which could lead to digestion issues. This beneficial infographic from Creekwood Orthodontics in Kansas City shows more important reasons to take steps to fix crooked teeth.

The Queen of Dental Hygiene blog-- healthy mouth = healthy body! all sorts of neat info you might not hear from your regular hygienist!

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Keep Calm and Brush On! - http://www.stephensdentistry.com/

6 Dynamic Ways to Care for Your Teeth as You Age -

Mrs Doubtfire - Teeth movie poster by Meet Me In Shermer

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Nine out of every ten dentists in Colorado are a part of Delta Dental of Colorado's network. #DeltaDental

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Love your teeth!

Head on over to the Love Your Teeth website! They are giving out FREE personalized Tooth Brushing Charts for children! Simply enter your child's name name into

you dont want to be edontulous by 13 now do you?? get a mouthguard boys!

Baird Orthodontics is the leader in Pleasanton for custom-fitted mouth guards. Discover what makes our mouth guards unique, and the only choice around!

What dentist are afraid of…

What dentist are afraid of…

Dental halloween

I am an independent Registered Dental Hygienist providing teeth whitening and teeth cleaning services in Belleville, Ontario