Thats me! And then I go for the pistol! Bc weirdos are the only ppl that actually find my house abd then knock on the door.

Funny animal pictures

Funny Animal Pictures

Act natural. I can remember the first time after I quit drinking that a cop pulled up behind me. Although I hadn't drank in over a year, I still instinctively looked down on the floor to make sure no beer cans were there. lol! But for the grace of God.

Top 30 Very Funny Animals Memes | Shining world

Top 30 Very Funny Animals Memes

Cause we all know no matter what the package says that squirrels are the ones who really end up eating most of it! Melville Deli is Melville, New York's premier delicatessen! We have delicious food options for everyone! Call or visit for more information!