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hahahaha! I love Michael Scott!!

Michael Scott: If I had a gun w/ 2 bullets & I was in a room w/ Hitler, Bin Laden, & Toby, I would shoot Toby twice.

The Office haha classic jim.   Read More Funny:    http://wdb.es/?utm_campaign=wdb.es&utm_medium=pinterest&utm_source=pinterst-description&utm_content=&utm_term=

Funny pictures about One Of My Favorite Pranks From Jim. Oh, and cool pics about One Of My Favorite Pranks From Jim. Also, One Of My Favorite Pranks From Jim photos.

This is the scene that made Eric and I start watching the office to begin with.

Just Michael Scott...

Just Michael Scott.I love the office His face at the end is the best. I love this scene so much

I love this show! #guiltypleasure

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The Office-isms: Michael Scott Memes

The Office-isms: Michael Scott Memes: I love this one!just picture an evil ugly snail!

the office. How I feel when someone tells me to "go outside"

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