dandelion in the wind

Dandelion tattoo -- Like the idea, but maybe without the words or a different saying.

dandelion butterfly tattoo designs - Google Search

much more unique than a typical feather tat.


Pinterest Dandelion Tattoo 02 - http://dandeliontattoos.com/pinterest-dandelion-tattoo-02/


so simple yet beautiful

Tattoo in memory of my mother

Women's Tattify 'Bird Is the Word' Temporary Tattoos


Dandelions Blowing In The Wind tattoo | Pin Dandelion Seeds Tattoo Design 20120528 1884171493jpg On Pinterest

Placement with (she flies with her own wings tat) between it!!!


dandelion blowing in the wind tattoo - Google Search

Not really a huge fan of all of the mainstream tattoos, like infinity signs and birds, but this is the best dandelion tatt i've seen dandelion tattoo | Tattoo Ideas Central

Dandelion tattoo idea


love the scribble look!