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enemy ha!

The reason Grandchildren & Grandparents get along so well is they both share the same enemy ha ha :)

Teach your daughter's the 7 B's

Will definitely teach my daughter this someday. Books Before Boys Because Boys Bring Babies. The rule of the 7 B's.

Pretty much sums up my attitude towards final exams

I do yoga to alleviate stress. Just kidding. I drink wine. Workout t-shirt or tank top.

Lol! I mean, no that's not funny. (Hahaha! We've all had those days. Admit it)

this made me laugh haha. Or better yet I can duck tape me. I do love my kids. Ain't nothing duck tape can't fix!

Their kids were loud and misbehaving in the car until they tried this...

Their kids were loud and misbehaving in the car until they tried this...

Kids on a roadtrip. Bring a bag of candy. Say it's theirs at the end of the trip, and anytime they misbehave throw a piece of candy out the window.

ha! love it (though if something like this was said about women, we would consider it very sexist - just putting that out there)

"Women spend more time thinking about what men think than men actually spend thinking. should I put this under my TRUTH board?

Maybe not the dumbest, but some days it has been the suckiest.

Lol I feel like this a lot. Being an adult is the dumbest thing I've ever done.

Mothers have good reason to be....

Funny Mother's Day Card

this is so true. just by becoming a mom one becomes insane, but a 'good' kind of insane. the loving your kids kind of insane. i love you both insanely.

Sing at the top of your lungs.. if you cant carry a tune, louder is better!  LOL

Yes, I know I can't sing. Yes, I'm going to keep singing anyway. Music Makes Me Happy Quote. I Don't Care!

Belinda made me a whole wardrobe of there our Sr. year

I remember my mom had this pattern and actually made me and my sister this jumpsuit.Just a reminder that this actually happened. yes it did.