“Hydro G” is a hydroponic system for gardening in a room designed by Suany Aguilar.

Wall Gardening With mesh and wiring, wall gardens are another striking solution perfect for minimal space like patios and tiny backyards. The living walls offers salad fixings along with creative, eye-catching conversations pieces. Again, the system makes use of water by using a steady stream utilized by the entire system leaving little water trickling away.

Finally - an exciting holiday gift that brings the family together! Watch your food grow with the Mushroom Farm - just plant, water, and grow your own gourmet oyster mushrooms. Kids will love seeing their food grow at home. See more at http://backtotheroots.com/products/mushroomfarm

The Grass Lamp Hydroponic Indoor Garden by Marko Vuckovic

Leaf hydroponic system on wall

Build a Homemade Hydroponics System Cheaply. I need ti try something like this for my strawberries.

Maximize Growing Space with a Plant Pyramid

Aquaponic system there

Personal Hydroponics Inspired by larger vertical farming systems, Stem is an indoor modular appliance used for growing small plants. Designer: George Sawyer

Garden Row Snip-n-Drip Soaker System lets you create a convenient watering system for your vegetable garden. No special tools required — just use scissors to cut the hoses to the sizes you need. Snap the fittings in place and you're ready to water.

Indoors aquaponic system appropriate for apartments or small homes. Goes to show you can grow your own food anywhere.

An indoor, fish-fertilized, hydroponic garden: http://bit.ly/1qmMBCF

Self-Watering Indoor Hydroponic Vertical Garden System Doubles as Screen | Urban Gardens - via http://www.urbangardensweb.com/2012/05/16/indoor-hydroponic-vertical-garden-screen/

Back Yard Chicken Coop with roof garden

25 Edible Garden Ideas -- grow herbs and vegetables no matter the size of your yard


great space-saving ideas for gardens and growing your own food

vertical hydroponics - Google Search

Rotary Hydroponic Gardening System For Indoors | Futuristic NEWS - via http://futuristicnews.com/rotary-hydroponic-gardening-system-for-indoors/