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  • Stefanie Katouzian

    Titanic - nice one, Rose. you jerk. -- as funny as I find this I realized that (for those of you who have actually SEEN the movie more then once) it wasn't that he couldn't fit on the door, it was their combined weight made it sink. when he tried to get on it it sank into the water. So :P

  • Kaitlyn Heath

    Titanic - They could even have played cards: This series of photos that went viral set out to prove that Jack could easily have come along for the ride, and lived to a ripe old age with Rose..... finally someone shows it!!!

  • Abigail Travis

    Titanic: could have fit 2 people.... SO TRUE

  • Michelle Schwenk

    Titanic. THE DOOR WAS BIG ENOUGH FOR BOTH OF THEM. hahaha. Some people have too much time on their hands. But I have always thought that.

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it's true. it's honestly what ruined the movie for me.

Eff Kristen Stewart for being in this movie

mind is blown haha....if only she had moved up and let him lay on that flippin door!

Titanic-OK I am OBSESSED with this movie!! I watch it everytime it comes on so i know I've seen it well over a hundred times. I even forced my coworker @Lillie Granados to go watch it with me in 3D at the movies,lol!! She tells me I need help, but I think she does for only seeing it twice,ha ha!

Titanic. Rose hanging off the back of the ship, going to jump and Jack trying to get her to come back over..

Titanic. Let's be honest...there was room for two, Rose.... That was my exact thought watching this movie

One of my favorite movie quotes of all time ♥

Let's not pretend we wouldn't eat both...but one of these does seem much more appealing...

with all do respect miss, i'm not the one hanging off the back of a ship here

Well, more specifically, I speak fluently in Wreck-It Ralph or National Treasure movie quotes. ;)

With all due respect, Miss...I'm not the one hangin' off the back of a ship here.