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Sandra Bullock. love her.

"My goal now is to remember every place I've been, only do things I love and not say yes when I don't mean it.Sandra Bullock (Love her!

Sandy... Been my favorite actress since I saw her in 'While You Were Sleeping'.

Sandra Bullock (Sandra Annette Bullock) (born in Arlington County, Virginia (USA) on July

Sandra Bullock

Actress: Sandra Annette Bullock-------- Favorite performance: "Blind Side"----- Favorite movie: "While You Were Sleeping"------------------------------------

Sandra Bullock

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Keep your head up, Princess... In my blingy frame on my dresser.

Lift up your head, princess. If not, the crown falls. My crown won't fall my head is held high. One of my favorite quotes :)

meryl streep

I don't think there is a Meryl Streep movie I don't like. I just love her! (“It’s my favorite one because they scraped all the crap off my face,” Streep says of this 2002 portrait.

Julia Roberts. Just plan love this woman !

Julia Roberts she has litterally the most kindest most inviting smile anyone could have. Everything about her is beautiful! especially her laugh. Her smile warms my heart!

Retro Harrison Ford Celebrity Round Designer P3 Sunglasses 8259

Retro Harrison Ford Celebirty Round Designer P3 Sunglasses 8259

My first man crush thanks to Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Harrison Ford, salivating a little.

Sandra Bullock And Melissa McCarthy Are Totally Adorable BFFs--I would loooooove to meet these two together!

Sandra Bullock And Melissa McCarthy Are Totally Adorable BFFs Love these two in the movie the heat! They are so funny!

this is now what i am going to say every morning to myself!

Bill Giyaman posted Don't let insecurity ruin the beauty you were born with. - Words to live by. to their -inspiring quotes and sayings- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.