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Viet Nam War. A US Navy nurse stationed on the USS Repose offers a word of encouragement to a patient about to leave the ship for further treatment in the United States, October 1967.

many Americans opposed the U.S./ corporate invasion of Vietnam, vociferously protesting the protracted war, the U.S. rigging of the South Vietnam political elections in 1955; and the utter disrespect for the autonomy and self-determination of the North Vietnamese people. Pictured here: demonstrators joined soldiers and veterans at an anti-war rally in Washington, D.C., 1967.

February 1974, Cambodia -- Young Cambodian government soldiers observe the dead body of a Khmer Rouge soldier. --- Image by © Patrick Chauvel/Sygma/Corbis

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Vietnam War, U.s. Navy Inshore Patrol Poster by Everett

Pictures of us navy ships in Vietnam War U.S. Navy Inshore Patrol

Forrestal class USS Ranger (CVA-61) in dry dock, Midway class USS Coral Sea (CVA-43), and the Essex class USS Hancock (CVA-19) in 1971

USS Texas, 15 March 1943. She is the last dreadnought in existence and is currently a museum ship in Houston, TX

Bremerton Naval Shipyard. from front to rear CV-62 USS Independence CV-63 USS Kitty Hawk CV-64 USS Constellation CV-61 USS Ranger

January 10, 1966 During January there are five attack carriers in WESTPAC with three of them continuously "on the line." They are Ranger, Ticonderoga, Enterprise, Hancock, and Kitty Hawk, and from them almost 9000 Navy and Marine air sorties are launched, about 50% flown in Laos and about 40% in South Vietnam.

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Facts about the Use of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War

Effect of Agent Orange

Bill Schwartz was a “River Rat.” He was a brown water sailor who skippered a PBR patrol boat in the Mekong Delta area of South Vietnam in 1968 during the Vietnam War.