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Favorite childhood summer memory was catching fireflies :)

theres something so lovely about a mason jar! this pic looks like fireflies. someone tell me where to find fireflies, being a northwestern I havent ever seen them. Its on my bucket list. to see fireflies. and catch em.

To where the sun always shines, the water is warm, the sky is blue and I am with you.........................

Summer Quote: palm trees ocean breeze salty air sun kissed hair endless summer take me

I'd be one of the people in the fall videos face planting...

Swing on a rope into water. DONE. I wasn't going to pin this one, but then I went to a lake and there was a rope hanging from a tree. so I did it!

Perfect night snuggled by the Bonfire some good drinks and good friends watching the fireworks.

I Want: The perfect summer night, just hang'n out with family friends. Watching the fireworks out by the bonfire.

OMG I want to do that so Bad

Love this whole page! All about mermaids. Pinned pic- real mermaid in the blue sea

Awww! Never thought of doing that, but now its added to the list!

Perfect Bucket list: Hold a baby turtle THAT I got from the ocean! of coarse I would let it go moments later, just after I got a pic lol (so done in Florida, I found a loggerhead turtle!

send a message in a bottle just because i might be famous in the future when someone finds it :]

Send a Message in a Bottle

Bucket list: send a message in a bottle. Who knows, someone might write back! Did it but fail causr the wave returned it and it was in a plastic bottle but on the bright dide someone opened it! But thsts sll i remember!