since I'm living in Florida now, and I can wear shorts all year round, I can relate to this even more, which means I have to workout even more!!

Turn your loved ones into a plush doll. Super simple to order and less expensive than an American Girl doll ;) Get yours for just $79 at

good hair day! You go girl!

So true!

so true. ah ha

Beach body paint - credit? (I'm thinking this means I don't have to lose weight before donning my bathing suit. I just need an inspired artist to paint my body for a couple of hours?)

My life. I do this at the movies, too..."Enjoy the movie!" "Thanks, you too!" Haha. |Humor||LOL||Funny pictures||Funny memes||Funny cartoons|


So true!

true story.

Love me some JT!!

so true

Don't care

This is funny.