railroad car turned home

Awesome tiny home - Thoreau cabin replica

Tiny house. Bold.

Tiny house

This tiny guest house is the epitome of rustic style.

Train house for Elliott

Caboose house............

How cool is what this person did: this started out as a 12x12 shed. They added the porch, salvaged cottage windows and split shingle roof.

You’re about to be blown away by the coolest tiny house I’ve ever seen. Seriously. Meet Ravenlore, a Victorian-painted tiny house known for its bright, candy-colored siding, trim, and roof. This magically whimsical tiny home on wheels was built by Jim Wilkins of Tiny Green Cabins. It’s 176 square feet, 22′ long by 8′ wide,... View Article

Tiny House With Studio

Modern looking tiny house

Cutest tiny house

Tiny House - I wonder if there is a little room in that little tower?

More tiny house ideas It would be so cool to have several of these scattered over our property for people to live in or just stay in when they visit. Of course the gypsy wagons are my favorite!

This stunningly beautiful home, with sculpted cob walls, looks out over the banks of a small stream in Somerset, England where the local dialect still has remnants of the Anglo-Saxon language. You can see more pictures of this home and read about building with cob at www.naturalhomes.org/goatlings.htm

Tiny House in the Trees: 350 Sq. Ft. of Bliss | Tiny House Pins

Relaxation to Go: Tiny House on Wheels Has a Built-In Hot Tub

Tiny house from Home Depot... ok so it starts out as a garage but it could sure make a fine starting point for a tiny house.

In a tiny house community.

Great Northern Caboose - Tiny House Swoon

Tiny house with garage