railroad car turned home

Train house for Elliott

Tiny house

Tiny house. Bold.

Awesome tiny home - Thoreau cabin replica

This tiny guest house is the epitome of rustic style.

Caboose house............

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Tiny House Shelters You for Cheap in the Mountainous Woods

592 sq. ft. modular tiny home with breezeway

Tiny House With Studio

Tiny House in the Trees: 350 Sq. Ft. of Bliss | Tiny House Pins

This stunningly beautiful home, with sculpted cob walls, looks out over the banks of a small stream in Somerset, England where the local dialect still has remnants of the Anglo-Saxon language. You can see more pictures of this home and read about building with cob at www.naturalhomes.org/goatlings.htm


Tiny House

Awesome fold away table. Perfect for tiny kitchen.

Cutest tiny house