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  • Kimberly Milinkovich

    favorite tv show.... I had a huge crush on Richard Thomas growing up.... I still love to watch it

  • Janni Jensen

    THE WALTONS; our family watched the Walton every Thursday night for years, we grow up along side the Walton's and it's actors. "Goodnight, John Boy"...

  • Jane Carley

    One of my favorite farm houses ever....loved everything about the Walton's home.... My favorite show in the 70's

  • marilyn

    The Waltons - childhood memories

  • Jill Wales

    Good night John boy. Richard Thomas... In the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, during the Great Depression, the Walton family makes its small income from its saw mill on Walton's Mountain. The story is told through the eyes of John Boy, who wants to be a novelist, goes to college, and eventually fulfills his dream. The saga follows the family through depression and war, and through growing up, school, courtship, marriage, employment, birth, aging, illness and death. 71-81 loved this family...

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good night john boy old school type poster by dearcolleen on Etsy, $25.00

Waltons: Decade of [VHS] VHS ~ Ralph Waite,

The Waltons (TV Series 1971–1981) directed by...a very lot of people :|

The Waltons===I remember growing up even there were only 4 in our household going through all the names from the show saying goodnight & laughing the whole time......Good times

The Waltons "Goodnight John Boy, 'night 'Lisabeth, night Jim Bob, night Ben, night Momma, g'night Daddy...."

The Waltons...LOVED the Waltons, especially the grandfather and grandmother.

"Good night, John Boy"..."Good night, Mary Ellen". "The Waltons" provided wholesome family entertainment from 1972-1981.

The Waltons.... One of the few t.v. shows I allow my children to watch.

The Waltons was based on the writings of Earl Hamner Jr who wrote Spencer's Mountain and The Homecoming. It tells the story of a family in the mountains of Virginia during the Great Depression and World War II and aired on CBS for nine years beginning in 1972

The Waltons.....they just don't make shows like this anymore!! LOVE!!

Loved this one too, if only they made shows like this again!