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  • Maria Rooney

    BE A VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS! I post and spread the word on anything that comes my way. I donate to animal rescues and adopted 3 cats from kill shelters and 10 from the street. And I am vegan. Save a life or a dozen or go vegan and save many, many more. It will save your soul.

  • BrEnda✽ Ever AftEr✽

    For the doggies! Help save those precious babies!

  • Jennifer Richards

    "Approximately 5 million to 7 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year, and approximately 3 TO 4 MILLION ARE EUTHANIZED." :-(

  • C V

    do something! #animals #rights

  • Souhaila CF Luxe & Fab Beauty

    If you can't adopt, foster. IF you can't foster, sponsor, donate, transport, educate, network, crosspost! Everyone can do something to make a difference in helping animals.

  • Dawn Rubilar

    Pit Bull - Do something!

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