Fabric Upholstered TOMS- when your Toms get holes!

Beautifully TOMS shoes

Sew a stripe in shirts that are too short... brilliant!

Moccasins. This company has them in so many different fabrics and they're all fur lined!

Toms shoes,I like all of them. And the price the low.$17.95

custom Toms

Hunger Games' Toms

Fabric wrapped styrofoam wall art

Old jeans + lace = new shorts! Would be cut for Little girls too

pretty Toms shoes

No-Sew Fabric Scrap Shoes - no sewing required! wouldn't it be fun to have a get together and make these? can make for girls and women! maybe do sandals, hats, etc?

TOMS Outlet! Most pairs are less than $20!

I could totally do this! Just sew/glue a piece of fabric to the tongue of converse. Cute!

Cheap shoes + Peacock feather + Mod Podge = A must try project

turquoise toms

1 Yard of Fabric into a Beach Wrap. This tutorial is more in depth than the previous ones I found....yeah, making this!

Tie dye toms!


DIY - turning a tight tank top into a loose fitting shirt by adding lace to the sides.

Black Glitter Peacock Feather TOMS!!

Tutorial on how to make heating pads...sooo easy and they look so cute~ You pick your favorite fabric!