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click to see the whole thing, but this harry potter quilt is AMAZING.

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Harry Potter wedding

28 Things That JK Rowling Says Happened After The Harry Potter Books Ended

I would die....

hahahah. oh my gosh. this is excellent.

When couples write their own vows it makes ceremonies so much more memorable (make sure you say the words yourself, not just an "I do", and organise a mic!). Here are some tips on how to write the pesky buggers.

Walk down memory lane... This would totally make me cry all the way down the isle

Mind has been blown


If you cut out 30+ pages of my Harry Potter book... You'd better run.

i'd marry any guy that did this

(PROBABLY THE BEST WEDDING DAY GIFT A BRIDE COULD GET..) The groom secretly had their proposal photographed and never told the bride until he gave her the photos on their wedding day AHHHHHHHHHHH I LOVE THIS

If the snitch looked more realistic,, then I would freak at this proposal! HARRY POTTER!

We are the Harry Potter generation!

harry potter fan always.

Im Harry Potter, Harry Harry Potter...

harry potter bouquet