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The thing about reaching your goal weigh is that it's 100% possible. It's completely in your control. The only thing stopping you from getting there is you. So get out of the way. #fitness #weightloss #motivation

Recipes & Workouts For Health! — GREAT Weight Loss Recipe + 4 SIMPLE Tricks to Make Losing Weight EASIER

Ha... Must remember this "Do not reward yourself with food, you're not a dog." ... So true!

For all the women who have curves... you can diet forever and still be a size 10. It's called bone structure. Try and be healthy and work for fitness. This woman is still beautiful and toned! -- Yes I know i will never be a size 2, this is realistic for me

Pardon the language...but this is so true! You gotta work hard to like like the ones you wish you looked like!! -Jo