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  • Allyson Abu-Hajar

    At First Sight - Nicolas Sparks Sequel to True Believer. This continues the story of Lexie and Jeremy where an ending is a new beginning. Finding oneself after a tragedy. Great read.

  • Synovee Mendez

    At First Sight .... This is part 2 of True Believer. I love all of Nicholas Sparks books, but True Believer & At First Sight are my favorites.

  • Marina Roberts

    Nicholas Sparks is honestly the best author of all time. ♥ this is one of my favorite books of his :)

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The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks- my FAVORITE Nicholas Sparks book. I think I'll go read it again for the 100th time....

If you think Nora Roberts is a bit much and Jodi Picoult is a tad sad then Nicholas Sparks books are the perfect romance novels for you. The Guardian is my fav but all are good if not great reads.

Dear John...this book will break your heart.

A great book to read for leisure time. While its first half--The Notebook--is highly romantic from the start, Sparks creates its perfect half--the love story that depicts a marriage that is falling downhill and needs rebuilding. Readers are spoken to by the husband who admits, maybe too late, that he needs to learn how to *do* and not just *say*.

  • abby goggins

    This is up there in my fav list of nick sparks novels...great read!

Read this book a year or so back even though I've seen the movie a long time ago. Just like The Last Song, I was able to recall Kevin Costner's character weaved through his sorrows and joy. I bawled towards the end eventhough I knew what was coming.

  • Sharon Poteet

    wasn't Richard Gere, it was Kevin Costner

  • Liz Chong-Hope

    haha..i did picture Kevin but I dont know why I typed Richard Gere... :P thanks Sharon

  • Vangie Colarossi

    I have a question about this book, my dad wants to get it for my sister for Christmas, but he was curious as to if there is anything that is sexual/inappropriate for some ages?

  • Sharon Poteet

    I don't think there is Lanee

// Classic Books People Pretend They’ve Read But Actually Haven’t + reasons why (or why not) to read them

  • MrJenkinsWatsonshire.

    Great expectations. *As the name implies. Dream killer. watch out* Never read the hobbit. Movie was good enough and not huge enough LOTR fan to read. Bible.. mm.. Im considering it. Though being an atheist im still interested in the stories. I had moby dick once.. but i was to little at 7 to read it. I only read small good parts. luckily everyone knows moby dick well enough to get the gist of it, so i wont miss out.

  • MrJenkinsWatsonshire.

    i WANT the old man and the sea. i seen catch 22 around some places. I should consider reading it. 1984 was great. But animal farm which he made after to reflect the moral better is, Better. To kill a mocking bird is a classic i have wanted for some time. As i stated before. War and peace i have read. It is truly a work of literate art. I read the oddessy. Good book. Though it sounds like hes having an acid trip sometimes. Deffs want ulysses. Crime and punishment i own and will read.

  • Ho Ho!

    Very Cool

  • Expectation Therapy: Art Costello

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I like the book and movie versions equally for their own take on this story, but this is definitely worth the read. A Walk To Remember.

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Three Weeks with My Brother by Nickolas Sparks and Micah Sparks "Narrated with irrepressible humor and rare candor, and including personal photographs, Three Weeks with my Brother reminds us to embrace life with all its uncertainties. . . and most of all, to cherish the joyful times, both small and momentous, and the wonderful people who make them possible."

this is a good book...will pull at your heart and it gives you something to think about.

  • Courtney Crump

    I read this story, cried so hard...right after my father died, really makes you think.

  • Stacey Allen

    I will have to check this one out,thank for in put

The Notebook - I've never seen the movie, nor have I enjoyed any of his other books the way I enjoyed this one.


    OMG I LOVED both the book and the movie. I can watch the movie over and over

The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

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True Believer by Nicholas Sparks :: Again, not my typical read, but I think the ~ghost story~ aspect is what drew me in. Great book!

  • Sarah -TattooTink8098

    I see you have two of his books posted, but I highly recommend a lot of his books!! Check out the follow-up to this one: At First Sight.

  • Emily Martinac

    Agreed. Read At First Sight, and The Lucky One because that movie comes out on 4/20.