Cardboard Box + Solo Cups = Lego Costume awesome!!!

Lego Family DIY Halloween Costume

Costume Lego Brick: One cardboard box Six plastic containers Box cutters Spray paint Hot glue gun and glue Duct or packing tape Pencil Ruler and...ready for the big night!

Popcorn Box Costume | Costume Pop

- John Deere farmer and tractor easy to make! cardboard box, cardboard wheels, paper towel roll & paint!

making a lego costume - Bing Images

Baby costume!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party

Lego Costume


Preserve pumpkin with the bleach method, drill holes with a drill, throw in some glow sticks and have a lovely fall decoration

Lego party ideas

Creative Halloween Costume: DIY Piñata Costume! #diy #halloween #costume

fireman and dalmation- next year? Ej and his baby brother or sister :))))) ohhhh so cute :))))

Octopus costume, stuffed socks with buttons for suckers.

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Dot Candy Costume

DIY Lego Halloween Costumes (painted boxes and solo cups)

Awesome Costume; I need this in adult size!

25 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas - It's not too late to be inspired and create your own DIY Halloween Costume on the fly!