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  • Anna Whim

    12 Months of preparing, One Month at a Time MONTH 1 SUPPLIES & GEAR: Water-3 gallons per person and per pet Hand-operated can opener and bottle opener Canned meat, stew, or pasta meals – 5 per person 2 flashlights with batteries TASKS: *Inventory the disaster supplies you already have on hand, including your camping gear *If you fill your own water containers, mark them with the date they were filled *Date cans of food and food containers if you have not already done so

  • Andrea Haywood at Opulent Cottage

    12 Months of Emergency Preparation, one month at a time

  • Anna Pseudo

    Wilderness Survival Guide Compilation CD-ROM They are selling "books" that are lists of books! Why didn't I think to compile and sell my pintrest boards?!

  • Michael Snyder

    10 Wilderness Survival Tips

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