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    Fur Everywhere: A Medical Emergency (FLUTD): Caring for Critters

    Great video that tells you how to report pet food problems - Voluntary Reporting of Animal Food Problems


    cool info graphic about pets, birthdays and health

    Not all cats respond to catnip


    California resident Angela Price panics when her cat Holiday goes missing—despite Price’s vigilance, the indoor cat somehow still manages to dart outdoors whenever opportunity presents itself. “We scour the house and the neighborhood and get hysterical that she’s gone, only to find her several hours later standing in the hallway looking at us like we’re crazy,” Price says.

    Cats & all pets too - Dogs and Gorilla Glue® – Never a good mix! Maybe you’ve already heard of the dangers that Gorilla Glue® poses to dogs? Maybe you’ve even heard stories or seen some of the cool X-ray images of dogs that ingested this stuff?

    Ragdoll Cat Poisoning from Bath and Body Works Plug in Air Freshener

    Image Credit: gem66 Doors, windows, and feet are all hazards to a cat’s tail, and they seem to get it caught on a regular basis. Usually, it happens as they run from room to room or flop on the floor in front of you without you noticing. The first thing heard is them screaming bloody …

    Urine Spraying and Territorial Stress | Little Big Cat

    The International Agency for Research on Cancer has concluded that five organophosphate herbicides and pesticides can cause cancer to humans and animals. healthypets.merco...

    Arthritis is the most common cause of chronic pain in pets, affecting millions of dogs and cats in the United States.

    Have You Ever Given Your Cat Medical Cannabis? - Catster


    How Long Does Kibble Last? this would apply to cat food too. I know a lot of people don't use dry, but many do.

    OMG, Cancer & CLA are not BFF. WTF? | Rodney Habib

    How Grocery Store Pet Foods Are Killing Our Pets | Rodney Habib

    6 Human Foods You Should Never Feed Your Cat

    Do Well-Adjusted Cats Sometimes Get Into Fights? - Catster

    Response to FDA Pet Food Human Grade Ingredients | Truth about Pet Food

    Contact between cats and their owners may have exposed the animals to toxic levels of medication.

    Dangerous levels of Vitamin D in Rachael Ray Nutrish cat food prompt nationwide recall - Poisoned Pets | A look inside the pet food industry

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    Feline IBD: Nature and Treatment - Feline Nutrition