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  • Nichole Victoria

    This is SOOO cool, and would do better than the old dock system. This is the Candock's Modular Floating Dock System. It basically looks like one of those foam puzzle mats you put together in a child's room or play room, except this is obviously different and more durable. It can be easily put back together and flows with the ocean so people can walk out on to it and jump directly into the waves. I wonder how it would hold up during a storm or hurricane?? Either way it is awesome and better!

  • Lauren Byrd

    what an awesome idea. it's a slip n' slide that moves with the ocean.

  • Alexandria Wade

    Omg! Would be so fun to sit on it in the waves! Candock‘s Modular Floating Docks System is made up of cubes that can be configured in many different ways. It is made of recyclable high-density polyethylene plastic and has a textured non-slip surface.

  • Jenny Le Starge

    Oh my gosh. It's a wave rider! How awesome would that be?! BUCKET LIST!!! to ride a wave rider (:

  • skylar

    Beach Wave Rider. Now that is awesome!

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Love the beach. I went to Florida in July of this year. Spent some time on Ft. Myers Beach and in a boat on the gulf. I loved it there!

See the surfer. What a great photo and look at the color of that water.

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'The natural world is the refuge of the spirit...richer even than human imagination'. - Edward Bilson, Biophilia

Im the beach bum who waits for sunset all day just to get a shot of the changing sky, even if the sun doesnt set behind the water ;) ++

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