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Freshen your breath with Freshen up - the gum that goes squirt.

Spearmint Freshen-Up Chewing Gum offers more that just a gum with a liquid center. As if the flavor of the gum weren't enough, the cool liquid burst in the middle is sure to get you hooked!

Glass figurines...there was a booth at our Mall where you could watch a man make these and then purchase them. I had a shelf full!

Lucite Animal figurines - I had a TON! Got them every time we went to Harry T's

I loved these. They would be in a jar at the checkout counter selling for a dime.

Omg i totally remember getting these after swimming lessons when i was like 3

I love the cotton candy bubblegum bubbleicious. It tastes a little like cotton candy and then tastes like regular bubble gum!

10926220_915596685169064_8066491206222399127_n.jpg (261×960)

L'eggs Display & We kept and collected those shiny plastic egg shaped packages. I loved the L'eggs hose.

This makes me laugh...all I can think of is the Dane cook skit!

Hand-Held Video Games of the 70's and 80's

Throwback Thursday: Who remembers the good ol' Speak & Spell? I don't know about you guys, this toy was kind of cool :P What was your favorite toy growing up?

Fisher Price Wind Up Radios - 1960's. by rene

Fisher Price Wind Up Radios - 1960's. by rene

#popbeads #childhood #toy

Pop beads - loved these! Anyone remember getting pop / toggle beads from bubble gum machines?

Fisher-Price School days desk (<a ...

I am turning mine into a cellphone dock! childhood Fisher Price School Days Desk: Just looking at the picture, I shiver because I remember how it felt to scratch my nails on the chalkboard.