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  • Cathy Farley

    Absolutely adorable baby foxes. Found this picture when I was looking for animal photos for my class.

  • Lindsay Elisabeth

    I will have one as a pet one day. ♡

  • Nessie [Pillow Biting Monster]

    Alright that's not really an update, I know. Anyway, just consider it a long-term teaser. It's gonna take a hell of a long time to write anything that has to do with that, but it's in the works, promise! (Has to do with Red Moon's sequel but shhhhh!)

  • Kami Boling

    Cute foxes!

  • Jenna Athanasiou

    I saw my first real life fox the other day and now I maybe obsessed.

  • Annette Dolphinheart

    Red Fox near den entrance by Adam Jones

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baby fox - sto per fartene una che non ti dimenticherai tanto presto... oh, sì, sì... come sono malvagio...

I love the Fox. My favorite animal next to Irish Setters.

* * Genius is one per cent inspiration and 99 per cent perspiration. ~Thomas Alva Edison

The fox is one of my most favorite animals. Even though they are hunted and given a bad rap for stealing chickens (often depicted as evil in shows). They are very smart and beautiful animals. They have the personality of a cat.

I want a fox!! (I kind of already have one... a Corgi who is a fox+pig mix.)

god damn it why can't I be more friends with animals people fucking suck most of the time

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a well balanced fox ~ Puget Sound, Washington ~ Sitting on a wooden fence that has a zigzag pattern

WOW! This is Beautiful! "The look" ~ By ~ this is the only way I love my furs...ALIVE, healthy, and ohhh soo beautiful, in its true glory! ~

#Cold and Lonely by Jim Salge >> Isn't his tail glorious? A richly furred #fox sits waiting something in the #snow